How to Use a Tabletop Mirror to Brighten Your Home

My dream home would be one that was spacious and bright with large windows to let in the afternoon sun. For many people, that’s just a dream and our current homes aren’t spacious or bright. If that’s the case, don’t despair,┬álearning how to use a tabletop mirror to brighten your home will help.

How to Use a Tabletop Mirror to Brighten Your Home

How to Use a Tabletop Mirror

By carefully positioning a tabletop mirror in your room, you can give your room the appearance of being open and bright.

Add to your mantle

By adding a mirror to the top of your fireplace mantle, you can reflect back the sunlight that comes in your windows. This is a simple way to help multiply the light sources in your room without adding extra lamps or lighting fixtures. To dress up the mantle, you can add a small collection of items from outside like a vase of fresh flowers or a small basket of pinecones.

Add in front of a small lamp

If you have a small reading lamp on a table near your window, you can add a small gold tabletop mirror to help reflect the light. Each time that you turn on your reading lamp, the tabletop mirror will reflect some of that light outward into the rest of your room.

Add to a collection of candles

Another simple way to add light to your room is to set a small collection of candles in front of your tabletop mirror. The mirror will reflect the flickering light of the candles into the room. You can choose a collection of small votive candles or one larger candle in a glass jar depending on the space you have available.

One of the easiest ways to display your gold tabletop mirror is to purchase a mirror that comes with its own stand. It will be easy to stand the mirror up without needing to lean it against something.

Now that you know how to use a tabletop mirror to brighten your home, you can begin to make your home more welcoming.