Accent Your Kitchen With a French Country Wall Clock

Have you considered adding a French country wall clock to your kitchen or dining area? Our kitchens are the heart of our homes. We spend much of our day there cooking, eating, and interacting with our family and friends. While our kitchens need to be functional to handle our needs for meal preparation, they should also be a place where friends and family feel welcome to visit and spend time.


French Country Wall Clock

A beautiful way to accent your French country style kitchen is by adding a lovely and functional French country wall clock. A wall clock is a necessary part of any kitchen, and if you have a French country decor home, you’ll want one that fits with the rest of the style.

This charming wall clock measures 7 inches by 7 inches in diameter and will fit comfortably into almost any wall space available. Enriched with a black satin style ribbon and bow, this accent clock is a charming way to dress up any room in your home.

The base of the wall clock is wood with a lightly distressed white face piece to match with the traditional French country design style. This shabby chic style wall clock will easily fit into many different decorating schemes.

The large black Roman numerals on the clock face are easy to see from anywhere in the room. The clock runs on two AA batteries which are not included.

The neutral white and black colors of this wall clock allow it to blend seamlessly into any room whether the walls are painted a neutral color a bold primary hue. It will work equally well in a room decorated with any style of wallpaper.

For more information about this clock or to make a secure purchase, please visit our storefront at Fancy Chic and Vintage.

How to Set Up a French Farmhouse Kitchen

Are you thinking about a French farmhouse kitchen? Here’s a bit of information about the style so you can decide if it’s the right thing for you. ¬†Whether you have a spacious kitchen that you’re planning on remodeling, or simply want to add a bit of style to your existing space, French farmhouse decor can brighten up any living area.

How to Set Up a French Farmhouse Kitchen

French farmhouse style is inspired by the traditional homes found in Provence, in the southern portion of France. The French farmhouse decorating style typically uses ruffles, distressed woodwork and a combination of bold and pastel prints.

How to Set Up a French Farmhouse Kitchen

Reds & Yellows

Reds and yellows often dominate the color scheme in a French farmhouse kitchen. A vase of beautiful daffodils next to a stack of red toile cloth napkins is an easy way to incorporate the style into your home. For a functional addition, add these gorgeous French farmhouse floursack dishtowels to your kitchen.

How to Set Up a French Farmhouse Kitchen

Distressed Style

Distressed wooden cabinets, worn white paint and vintage finds are the ideal choices for your French farmhouse kitchen. Consider white walls with distressed cabinets as part of the overall theme. From there, you can add accent pieces to make the room your own. My personal favorites are these gorgeous chicken wire glass lanterns that are both stylish and functional. Consider adding them to the table as a centerpiece or on the counters as an accent.

How to Set Up a French Farmhouse Kitchen

Floral Prints

Floral prints are an integral part of French farmhouse decor. You’ll find this theme repeated in the chair coverings, curtains, tablecloth and other linens. Don’t feel limited to fabric choices when adding floral prints. You can¬†quickly add in flora print dishes like this stunning Floral Prima Vera Teapot.

If your goal is a French kitchen, there are many different accent pieces you can use to create the style easily. The cozy, timeless style will make your guests feel welcome to stop by for a breakfast of a cup of tea and pains au chocolat.